Why Your Skin Lightening Cream is Making You Dark

Why Your Skin Lightening Cream is Making You Dark

We all know the joys of skin-lightening. You get fairer, Nigerian men want to sweep you off your feet, everyone thinks you’re so beautiful and no one ever remembers that you were dark before. These are the things we hope to achieve when we lighten our skin, but when it all goes wrong? It’s a disaster! Your knuckles and feet become a disgrace, and the change is so obvious that you cannot even lie that you’re not toning *side-eye*

You may believe that your skin has darkened because you’re not using the right skin-lightening creams and that may be true, but also, your skin-lightning cream is making you dark, because skin lightening creams don’t work well with the sun! The ingredients used in most skin-lightening creams create a counter effect on the skin when you come in contact with the sun. So you apply your cream, go out into the hot sun and grow darker! 

Why did you imagine, that all you had to do was rub cream and expect magic? Maintenance is important too! Considering factors such as what time of day you apply your skin-lightening cream, the quality of creams you use, and the amount of SPF contained, will go a long way in helping you achieve the flawless fair skin that you desire! 

But don’t worry, Mecran Cosmetic is here to help and here to stay! Expect new skin-lightening solutions that will eliminate all the above factors! Spotless transformation is within your reach!

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